Supply of fresh products with a quality selection

French chefs from starred restaurants

homemade cooking

A made-to-measure culinary performance

In the nude

Our cooks are particular in the way that they are completely naked under their apron.  Surprise your guests and let yourself be tempted by these very special Chefs.

You are invited in your home

With your very special chef, you can fully enjoy the company of your guests. You don’t have to worry about the nanny, the car and the groceries… Let us take care of it with all the comfort and intimacy of your own home. We would love to deal with everything, and be the accomplices of your evening’s success.

Quality cuisine

Our very special chefs offer the quality of a cuisine exclusively developed with fresh products, selected among the best suppliers.

The chefs also promote the local producers and merchants

the qualifications of our cooks

Our chefs are coming from starred French restaurants. Their culture is gastronomic and quality is at the heart of this discipline, the freshness of the ingredients and the supplier’s selection being at the heart of their preoccupation.

French naked chef, on wich occasion?

  • Dinner with friends
  • Cooking lessons
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • Baby shower
  • Breakfast, brunch, collation, cocktail reception, party…
  • And for any occasion you can imagine!

The Very Special Chef defines with you an adapted performance to your expectations and desires.

Services Made-to-measure

The menus suggestions we provide are safe bets, and have the advantage of satisfying the greatest number of guests. However, our chefs are willing to create a special menu with you, according to your preferences and desires. Let your imagination wander!